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1st plant of Kiran Global launched in S. Africa

Posted July, 1, 2014

iran Global, a leading sodium silicate producer in India on Thursday launched its very first plant in South Africa. The R68 million plants are the largest in the world and boast the latest technology that is being used in South Africa for the first time. The investment has been greatly welcomed in SA as it will create hundreds of jobs.[…]

Company targets Rs.1200 Crores turnover by 2015?

Posted July, 1, 2014

Kiran Global Chems Limited, the flagship company of M.S. Jain Group is India’s largest producer of Sodium Silicate. The company has recently crossed the 3, 00,000 tonnes mark and is second in the race to be the world’s largest producer of Sodium Silicate. Incorporated in 1979, Kiran Global Chems Limited holds an extensive portfolio in the manufacture and import of principal industrial chemicals, including the manufacture of 25,000 tonnes of Potassium Silicate and being one of the largest importers of ‘Soda Ash’ into the country […]